“I think people should stop taking social media so seriously. It is very easy to get wrapped up into the attention that comes with it, but it’s important to remember that those likes and follows are just numbers. What’s really important is your connection with the people and the world around you.”

“I’m a big reader, so I read scripts like a book, and if it affects me the same way that my favourite books do, I know that’s the project I want to do.”

“I’ve always just loved the horror genre and scary movies. I don’t really know why. Ever since I was a little girl, they were always my favorite movies to watch. They are also one of my favorite movies to act in. There are just really no rules.”

“I love working with directors who have acting experience, because I do believe there’s a connection there that they’re able to speak to that not everyone fully understands”

“Hold your ground, be proud of your work, and don’t give up!”

“I trust life will take me where I am supposed to be. I can’t image doing anything else with my life.”